Growing the Low-Alcohol Category in Europe

Growing the Low-Alcohol Category in Europe

At Molson Coors, we’re all about people enjoying a good time safely. That’s why we are helping people get more of their refreshment in a responsible way. To do that we’re expanding our low- and no alcohol product choices, helping our beer fans make choices with responsible enjoyment in mind, and are partnering with customers, retailers and our peers in the global alcohol industry to champion responsible consumption. Our goal is to offer consumers quality no-alcohol and low-alcohol choices in 100% of the markets where we sell beer by 2025.

As part our continued ambition to drive responsibility across the alcohol category we have actively pursued the development of low alcohol fruit flavored beer mixes. These products, like all our products, are designed to have primary appeal and to be consumed by legal-aged consumers. These products are in general 3.5% ABV or below, so a very low alcoholic strength product offering real lower option choice to the consumer. To date we have lower ABV beer mix mixes in 8 countries (UK, Hungary, Czech, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Romania).


Brand Extensions

We’ve also expanded our flavored beer mix category by launching Staropramen Cool Cider Beer Mix, the world’s first low-alcohol cider beer mix in 2013. Since then, we have launched additional flavor variants of Staropramen Cool, including lemon, grapefruit and cherry.


In terms of zero-alcohol offerings, we’ve added Staropramen Brewer’s Lemonade to our range – a natural malt-based beverage which has been so successful that we included extra flavor variants and packaging in 2014, just a year after the original launch. So far, we’ve launched these ranges in the UK, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia and Romania.
We’re proud of what we’ve already achieved with low-alcohol options and look forward to creating even more innovative choices, so that beer fans globally can enjoy the same great taste served with refreshing moderation. 


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