Find the life that fits your ambition

Want to live in a spectacular spot in Canada, a bustling European capital, or the fastest growing urban center in the U.S.? Welcome home to Molson Coors. Each of our locations comes complete with a life outside of work that’s just as rich as the one you’ll enjoy within. Because what matters to you matters to us.

Two podium-topping passions

Long before Marko Njavro made it to the peak of Molson Coors Croatia, Bosnia and Slovenia, he was flying down to the slopes as a professional skier. Find out how those skills still help him today and who’s now the undisputed queen of his hill.

A hobby that’s the bee’s knees

Our commercial trainer Petr Kadlecek from the Czech Republic has an unusual passion that constantly keeps him grounded, not to mention busier than you-know-what. See how this hobby-at-home pays big dividends at work.