A Good Global Citizen

As the creators of a product that enables togetherness and inspires connections, we know that we’re a big part of the communities where we operate and where our products touch lives. That’s why we’re always finding more ways to invest in those same communities. By 2025, we’re aiming to make the places where we work even better places to live by investing $100 million in initiatives that aspire to improve livelihoods, foster empowerment and build resilient communities.

Employee Volunteering

Volunteering has become a part of our employees’ lives around the world. Quite unlike a company-mandated charitable program, volunteering here is employee-driven. While volunteering efforts differ from market to market, our global activities support the areas of improving livelihoods, fostering empowerment and building resilient communities. 

Improving Our Neighborhoods

We support a number of programs we believe will have significant impacts on and enduring relevance to our brewery communities.

  • Over 120 volunteers from our Golden Brewery in Colorado partnered with the City of Golden and our private partner, Ball Corporation, to pick up trash along the Clear Creek area. We recently received the City of Golden’s Business Sustainability Award for our annual cleanup effort, our largest to date.
  • In Canada, more than 300 shrubs and trees were planted as part of the City of Toronto’s Trees Across Toronto project to reclaim green spaces.

Removing Barriers

The word community immediately conjures up the idea of people being together, collectively enjoying life’s good times. That’s why it makes sense for us to support initiatives that remove barriers that stop people taking part.

  • In the Czech Republic, that’s taken the form of making music festivals easier for people with disabilities to enjoy. For many people with a disability attending a festival can seem impossible. Thanks to Festivals Without Barriers, in partnership with the Czech National Disability Council, that’s changing. In 2017, we collected 780 kg of plastic and metal caps with our community. These were then used to construct 100 meters of movable ramps for 200 wheelchair festival goers.
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  • In the U.S., we support and honor leaders in the Hispanic community and work to help up-and-coming Latino leaders to go further through the Coors Light Líderes program. Since 2006, the Líderes program has supported, honored, and highlighted emerging Latino leaders through grants, sharing of leadership skills, networking events, online resources and community partnerships.
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Our Beer Print Month

We think Our Beer Print provides an exciting approach to sustainability but we also know that it needs the support of our people to reach its full potential. That’s why we host a global, company-wide campaign each year, called Our Beer Print Month. The month focuses on key strategic areas of the company’s corporate responsibility program. It is an opportunity to build recognition and pride in Our Beer Print achievements and a reason to inspire our people to take action and come together across all regions. Activities include fundraising events, community engagement activities; awareness raising and volunteer opportunities.
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