Drive Innovation

To drive alcohol responsibility, we’ve been creating a range of delicious low or no-alcohol beverages to encourage moderate drinking. These include products with a low-alcohol strength of 3.5% ABV or below, giving consumers a genuinely responsible and refreshing alternative. But we want to do more. By 2025, we aim to offer consumers exceptional quality no alcohol and low alcohol choices in 100% of the markets where we sell beer.

Low Alcohol in Europe

Staropramen Cool Cider Beer Mix, was the world's first low-alcohol cider beer mix in 2013. Since then, we have launched additional flavor variants of Staropramen Cool, including lemon, grapefruit and cherry. In terms of zero alcohol offerings, we’ve added Staropramen Brewer’s Lemonade to our range which has launched in the UK, Hungary, Czech, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Romania.
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