Inspire Responsible Drinking

At Molson Coors putting the safety and enjoyment of our consumers first is how we create relationships that last a lifetime. Our 2025 goals will ensure that we continue to work collectively to sustain consumer confidence that beer has a proper place in society and fits within a well-balanced lifestyle. By 2025, we aim to implement impactful programs to prevent underage drinking and drunk driving in every market where we sell beer.

Getting Home Safely

We support a range of initiatives in many of our markets to enable our consumers to get home safely. Through our partnership with transit companies, 1-800-TAXICAB, Uber, and designated drivers, we are making sure that beer drinkers have a range of options to get home safely so that they never drive drunk.

  • Working with Beer Canada, we launched the Designated Driver Superhero campaign, asking employees to pledge to be ambassadors of drunk driving prevention. The campaign received 1,380 employee pledges, including a commitment from our CEO of Molson Coors Canada.
  • In 2017, we marked the 30th anniversary of our Free Rides program in the US. Since the program began, over 6.2 million people have taken advantage of a safe ride in 27 different communities.
  • Since 2008, our Bulgarian business unit Kamenitza AD has run the ‘Alcohol is a Bad Driver’ campaign. In 2017, we hosted an event giving attendees the opportunity to take part in a test drive simulation mirroring the effect of driving under the influence of alcohol using alcohol goggles.

Promoting Responsible Consumption

We recognize that having effective quality partners is essential to successfully reducing the harmful use of alcohol. In the U.S., we partner with nationally recognized organizations such as the Responsible Retailing Forum in the U.S. and the Respect 21® program to team up with retailers and distributors to prevent underage access in college communities. We also maintain valuable partnerships with the Techniques for Effective Alcohol Management (TEAM) Coalition and Training for Intervention Procedures (TIPS®), providing training for retailers as well as in stadium venues to promote responsible alcohol service and consumption that helps reduce drunk driving.

Better Together

Molson Coors is a charter member of the International Alliance for Responsible Drinking (IARD). This collaborative industry body represents the 11 largest global brewers, distillers and vintners, and together we are cooperating with governments around the world to work toward a 10% reduction in harmful use of alcohol by 2025.

Molson Coors – Alcohol Responsibility Policy Positions