Ensure Responsible Marketing & Consumer Information

Whatever the reason people gather with a cold brew, we want all our consumers to rest assured that we take the greatest care to promote our beers responsibly and adhere to established guidelines and regulations. We aim to make certain 100% of our advertising and marketing programs are in compliance with company, industry and applicable governmental standards.

We also plan to deliver nutritional information, alcohol serving facts and ingredients to consumers for 100% of our products.

Responsible Marketing Practices

Molson Coors is committed to alcohol responsibility in all of our business practices. We aim to package and advertise our beer in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. As stated in our Global Alcohol Policy, we promote our beer to legal-drinking-age adults, and promote moderate and responsible consumption.

As part of our goals for 2025, we’re continuing to strengthen our internal marketing governance practices across all our global business units to ensure that any proposed marketing materials comply with local laws and regulatory requirements.

Giving Beer Fans the Facts

We want our consumers to enjoy our beers and ciders sensibly and we’re always looking for more ways to spread the word – like our own packaging. We are therefore planning to deliver nutritional information, alcohol serving facts and ingredients to consumers for 100% of our products by 2025. Currently, our packaging in the UK and Canada includes labels on responsibility, and we recently launched voluntarily disclosures in the U.S.:

  • Since 2012, we’ve included an Our Beer Print Commitment Panel on our packaging sold in the UK. The Panel provides a simple guide on responsible drinking and an easy overview of the environmental and social impacts of our products.
  • We were also the first beer company in Canada to feature a stamp of responsibility on our products. The stamp features guidelines on Drinking & Pregnancy, Drinking & Driving, Underage Drinking, and Our Beer Print.
    Learn more here
  • By 2020, we will list calories, carbohydrates, protein, fat and alcohol by volume on our beer products in the U.S. and disclose ingredients via a list, website reference or a QR code on the label or secondary packaging.